Aussie Police: 'Stolen Car' Proves To Be A Runaway

Published January 6, 2012 6:36AM (EST)

ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) — Police say a car reported stolen from an Australian shopping center parking lot has been found more than two weeks later in the closed garage of a nearby home where it had apparently rolled unaided.

Police said in a statement Friday that the owner of the station wagon had reported it stolen from outside a shop in a suburb of Adelaide city on Dec. 18. The car was found parked in the home's garage Wednesday when the residents returned from vacation.

Police concluded that the car's owner had failed to leave its gear in park. The car then rolled across the parking lot, across a street and then down a driveway. It then bumped under the garage door by knocking it off its tracks. The door then closed behind it.

By Salon Staff

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