Turkey: Russian Ship Carrying Arms Reached Syria

By Salon Staff

Published January 12, 2012 1:36PM (EST)

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey says a Russian ship, allegedly carrying tons of weapons, has docked at a Syrian port after Cypriot officials allowed it to leave.

The ship had made an unscheduled stop in Cyprus, violating an EU embargo on arms shipments to Syria, which has killed thousands in a crackdown on dissent. Cyriot officials on Wednesday allowed the ship to leave after it changed its destination to Turkey.

But Turkish Foreign Ministry official Selcuk Unal said the ship docked Thursday at the Syrian port of Tartus, according to Turkey's navy.

The ship had turned off its tracking device and the information could not be independently verified.

The ship, owned by the St. Petersburg-based Westberg Ltd, was carrying "tens of tons of munitions," according to Cyprus state radio.

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