Jury In Arizona Bomb Case Hears Audio Using Slurs

Published January 17, 2012 7:18PM (EST)

PHOENIX (AP) — Jurors in the trial of two white supremacist brothers accused of bombing a black city official in Scottsdale heard audio tapes Tuesday of the men using racial slurs and pointing out the bombing site to an informant.

Identical twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Mahon, both 61 and from Davis Junction, Ill., have pleaded not guilty in the 2004 bombing, which injured Don Logan, Scottsdale's diversity director at the time, and hurt a secretary.

Investigators used an attractive female government informant in Oklahoma to get close to the Mahons in hopes they would acknowledge the bombing.

Under a ruse of having to pay a traffic ticket in Scottsdale, the informant drove there with the brothers.

Jurors heard Dennis Mahon say in the recording "I helped make it," referring to the bomb.

By Salon Staff

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