Search Teams Suspend Operations At Stricken Ship

Published January 18, 2012 9:09AM (EST)

ROME (AP) — Search teams have suspended operations after an enormous cruise ship grounded and partially submerged off the coast of Tuscany shifted under turbulent seas.

The Costa Concordia cruise liner had more than 4,200 passengers and crew on board when it slammed into the reef Friday off the tiny island of Giglio after the captain made an unauthorized maneuver.

Firefighters searched the part of the ship above water overnight, but found none of the passengers and crew still missing.

The bodies of five adult passengers were discovered in the ship on Tuesday, raising the death toll to 11. Their nationalities were not immediately released.

The bodies were discovered after navy divers exploded holes in the hull of the ship to allow easier access. They are expected to blast more holes in the submerged area on Wednesday.

By Salon Staff

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