Journalist: Kim Jong Il's Eldest Son Wants Reforms

Published January 20, 2012 2:27PM (EST)

TOKYO (AP) — The author of a new book on North Korea says late leader Kim Jong Il's eldest son believes the country now run by his young half brother could fail without economic reforms.

Tokyo-based journalist Yoji Gomi's book is based on email exchanges with Kim's oldest son, Kim Jong Nam, over many years. Gomi describes him as an intelligent gentleman who knows his country's weaknesses.

The book, "My Father, Kim Jong Il, and Me," gives a rare view into the family that has led the secretive country. Gomi says Kim Jong Nam is the only one in the family who supports economic reforms. He says that angered his father and led to his fall from favor. Since Kim Jong Il's death on Dec. 17, his youngest son Kim Jong Un has taken over the leadership.

By Salon Staff

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