Divers Resume Search Of Capsized Ship

By Salon Staff

Published January 21, 2012 10:00AM (EST)

ROME (AP) — Divers are resuming the search of the wreckage of the capsized Costa Concordia after data indicated the cruise ship had stabilized in the sea off Tuscany.

To make it easier to enter and leave, the divers blasted more holes Saturday into the carcass of the ship, which has been lying on its side near the port of Giglio island since shortly after it crashed into a reef Jan. 14

They are searching for bodies or survivors, although it is unlikely any of the 21 missing in the accident could still be alive. The search was suspended on Friday after the Concordia shifted, prompting fears the ship could roll off a rocky ledge of sea bed and plunge deeper into the sea. There are also fears the Concordia's fuel could leak, polluting pristine waters.

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