Police Witnesses Called In Fake 'Rockefeller' Case

By Salon Staff

Published January 21, 2012 2:18AM (EST)

ALHAMBRA, Calif. (AP) — A forensic scientist testifying in the murder case against a man who posed as an heir to the Rockefeller fortune says there were four bloodstains in the Southern California guesthouse where the suspect lived.

Criminalist Lynne Herold gave the testimony Friday in a preliminary hearing to determine whether Christian Gerhartsreiter should stand trial for the death of John Sohus. Sohus' remains were found at his former home in San Marino in 1994, nearly 10 years after he and his wife vanished.

The Los Angeles Times ( ) says Herold and her colleagues used a chemical reaction to find the stains in the Sohuses' guesthouse, where Gerhartsreiter was a tenant when the couple disappeared.

Herold said three of the four stains showed patterns indicating they had been wiped or something had been dragged through them.

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