Search Resumes In Cruise Ship Amid Rough Seas

Published January 22, 2012 10:18AM (EST)

GIGLIO, Italy (AP) — Rescuers have resumed searching the capsized Costa Concordia cruise liner, but only in the above-water section.

Civil protection officials said Sunday morning that for now divers would not swim into the submerged part of the vessel just off the port on the island of Giglio, because the sea was choppy.

Divers Saturday pulled a woman's body from a corridor near what had been an evacuation staging point. The death toll stands at 12, with 20 people missing, after the ship hit a reef on Jan. 13.

So far, the Concordia's fuel tanks are holding, but special crews are waiting for the end of rescue efforts so they can extract 2,200 metric tons (nearly half a million gallons) of heavy fuel.

By Salon Staff

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