Rockefeller Impostor's Hearing To Conclude Tuesday

Published January 24, 2012 8:27AM (EST)

ALHAMBRA, Calif. (AP) — A prosecutor making his case with bones, blood and the testimony of those who came back from the past of a mysterious murder defendant is preparing to rest his case against the man who once masqueraded as a Rockefeller.

Deputy District Attorney Habib Balian says he plans to wrap up evidence Tuesday in the preliminary hearing for Christian Gerhartsreiter (GAYR'-hartz-ry-tur).

Gerhartsreiter is charged with murdering a San Marino man from whom he had rented a cottage in 1985.

Seven more witnesses are waiting to testify before Superior Court Judge Jared Moses is asked to decide whether there's enough evidence to hold Gerhartsreiter for trial.

By Salon Staff

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