List Of Dead Or Missing From Costa Concordia

By Salon Staff
January 26, 2012 3:09PM (UTC)
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A list of those confirmed dead or missing in the grounding of the cruise ship Costa Concordia off Italy. Italian officials released a list of the missing. Those not listed as crew are passengers.


Sandor Feher, Hungary, 38, crew

Horst Galle, Germany


Jeanne Gannard, France

Pierre Gregoire, France

Egon Hoer, Germany

Giovanni Masia, Italy, 85

Thomas Alberto Costilla Mendoza, Peru, crew

Jean-Pierre Micheaud, France, 61

Francis Servil, France, 71

Guillermo Gual, Spain, 68

Maria Dintrono, Italy, 30

Josef Werp, Germany


Luisa Antonia Virzi, Italy

Three other bodies that have been recovered from the wreckage but not identified.

UNACCOUNTED FOR (List includes names of three bodies awaiting identification)

Dayana Arlotti, Italy

William M. Arlotti, Italy

Elisabeth Bauer, Germany


Michael M. Blemand, France

Christina Mathi Ganz, Germany

Norbert Josef Ganz, Germany

Girolamo Giuseppe, Italy, crew

Gabriele Grube, Germany

Barbara Heil, United States

Gerald Heil, United States

Mylene Litzler, France

Margarethe Neth, Germany

Russel Terence Rebello, India, crew


Inge Schall, Germany

Erika Fani Soriamolina, Peru, crew

Siglinde Stumpf, Germany

Brunhild Werp, Germany

Margrit Schroeter, Germany

Maria Grazia Trecarichi, Italy

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