Bevilacqua Leaves Sad, Mixed Legacy Amid Sex Abuse

Published February 2, 2012 12:36AM (EST)

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Retired Philadelphia Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua (beh-vih-LAH'-kwah) would have been a dramatic witness in an upcoming church-abuse trial.

But his death Tuesday may not alter his longtime aide's criminal case.

Monsignor William Lynn is charged with child endangerment for allegedly keeping predators in the ministry. Defense lawyers say Lynn is being made a church scapegoat.

Jurors may see Bevilacqua's recent videotaped deposition, but his earlier grand jury testimony can't be used in court.

The grand jury blasted Bevilacqua for covering up complaints about 63 Philadelphia priests.

Tom Roberts, an editor of The National Catholic Reporter, says Bevilacqua leaves a mixed legacy.

He advocated for immigrants and the downtrodden. But Roberts says no one can ignore the grand jury findings.

By Salon Staff

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