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Published February 6, 2012 10:00AM (EST)

Weather Underground Forecast for Monday, February 06, 2012.

Rain and thunderstorms will continue in parts of the Southeast on Monday as the low pressure system over the western Carolinas drops southeastward, moving off the coast of the northern Florida Peninsula. As the system progresses, chances of showers will remain possible in the southern Appalachians and along the coasts of South Carolina, Georgia and northeastern Florida. More moderate rainfall and chances of thunderstorms will develop ahead of the associated cold front extending through the Florida Peninsula and into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The southern tip of Florida will experience the heaviest amounts of precipitation associated with this disturbance and isolated thunderstorms. The system will lift northward toward the Mid-Atlantic during the evening, allowing showers to form in the eastern Carolinas and the Central Appalachians. Meanwhile, the moist Pacific airmass over southern Texas will fuel moderate to heavy rainfall in the region during the early morning. Precipitation is expected to taper down during the day. Elsewhere in the East, a warm front will move through northern New England with chances of light snow showers.

In the West, energy lingering over the Intermountain West will lead to snow showers in southwestern Colorado and western Montana with minimal snow accumulations. Near the coast, cloud cover will begin to pickup along the central to northern California coast as a developing storm system approaches the coast with ample moisture. Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Sunday have ranged from a morning low of -23 degrees at Clayton Lake, Maine to a high of 82 degrees at Winter Haven, Fla.

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