Doctor In Ohio Pill Mill Case Unhappy With Lawyers

Published February 13, 2012 5:27PM (EST)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Lawyers for a Chicago doctor convicted of running a pill mill in southern Ohio want off the case, saying the doctor is too unhappy with them to continue.

The request raises questions about Tuesday's sentencing for Dr. Paul Volkman, who faces 20 years in prison for causing the death of four patients who overdosed on pain pills.

Volkman's attorneys said in a filing earlier this month the doctor has a strong distrust and dissatisfaction with their work. They say he wants them off the case and plans to represent himself.

Judge Sandra Beckwith has yet to rule on the motion.

Volkman also was convicted of eight other illegal distribution counts that prosecutors said resulted in fatal overdoses but did not leave enough evidence to convict him of the deaths.

By Salon Staff

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