Ariz. Candidate Raises Questions About Ariz. Law

Published February 14, 2012 10:09PM (EST)

PHOENIX (AP) — The case of a woman barred from running for city council because she isn't fluent in English has raised questions about the 120-year-old Arizona law used to kick her off the ballot.

Arizona state historian Marshall Trimble said that white settlers who arrived in droves starting in 1890 "were trying to eradicate Spanish."

The Arizona Supreme Court last week upheld a county judge's ruling that removed Alejandrina Cabrera from the March ballot for city council in San Luis, a small city just across the Mexican border in southwestern Arizona.

Cabrera insists her English is good enough for the community's mostly Spanish-speaking constituents. Her attorney says the effort to stop her is politically motivated because she tried twice to recall the mayor.

By Salon Staff

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