Can't see the forest for the wood

Porn star Colby Keller blogs about Marxism, Foucault and the delightful world of unexpected phallic imagery

Published February 15, 2012 4:59AM (EST)

Colby Keller  (Greg Endries/Salon)
Colby Keller (Greg Endries/Salon)

Colby Keller isn't your regular gay porn star. The tall and scruffy former art student has distinguished himself from the rest of the industry not only by his unconventionally hipster aesthetic, but by his unconventional interests. In his well-read blog, the Big Shoe Diaries, Keller writes about everything from Marxism to Foucault to his and his friends' art projects. Keller's blog is a testament to the way porn celebrity is changing in the 21st century, as performers face the increasingly difficult task of distinguishing themselves in a sea of free or pirated content. It's also incredibly charming.

One of Keller's most memorable obsessions is his search for images of penises in unexpected places. In a playful feature called "I See Penis," he collects images of phallic objects from around the world, sent to him by readers. We collected some of the most memorable entries, and spoke to Colby about penises, the generational divide in gay culture and what it's like to be a 21st-century porn celebrity.

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By Thomas Rogers

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