No Cussing In Class For Teachers, Lawmaker Says

Published February 15, 2012 7:18PM (EST)

PHOENIX (AP) — A teacher's role may be to expand a student's vocabulary, but one Arizona lawmaker wants to make sure that doesn't include four-letter words.

A state senator has introduced a bill this session that would punish public school teachers if they use words that violate the obscenity and profanity guidelines set forth by the Federal Communications Commission.

Republican Sen. Lori Klein of Anthem says she introduced the measure because a parent in her district complained about a high school teacher using foul language.

Critics say the issue should be handled by schools and districts, not the Legislature.

The bill was approved by a Senate committee by a 5-2 vote Wednesday, with Republicans in favor. It must pass through another committee before it is voted on by the full Senate.

By Salon Staff

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