Greek Prime Minister Headed For Brussels

Published February 19, 2012 4:27PM (EST)

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Prime Minister Lucas Papademos is on his way to Brussels a day ahead of a crucial Eurozone finance ministers' meeting that will discuss a euro130 billion ($170-billion) bailout for Greece.

Papademos had not been expected to attend the summit. His office told The Associated Press they were not aware of any scheduled meetings Sunday and that they will share his Monday schedule later.

Papademos' government is expected Monday to introduce in Parliament two pieces of emergency legislation seen as crucial in convincing Greece's creditors of the government's willingness to see reforms through quickly.

The legislation, which includes wage and pension cuts and a supplement to the 2012 budget making euro3.2 billion in cuts, is expected to be debated in committee Tuesday and submitted to a vote Wednesday.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — The Greek parliament is set to vote on emergency austerity measures next week necessary for a euro130-billion ($170- billion) bailout deal with the EU and IMF to avoid default.

The legislation — a package of wage and pension cuts and on health sector reforms — was approved in a marathon Cabinet meeting that began Saturday afternoon and dragged into early Sunday. It must still be approved by Parliament.

Prime Minister Lucas Papademos says the measures will be permanent.

He says it is necessary to introduce them on Monday to convince the Eurogroup finance ministers convening the same day that Greece is determined to move along with reforms. The measures must be implemented over the next three weeks.

A small group of union members protested outside Parliament on Sunday without incident.

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