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Published February 19, 2012 9:54AM (EST)

Severe weather will sweep across parts of the South, while snow and rain continue in the West on Sunday. A strong low pressure system was headed eastward over the Southeastern states. By Sunday, this system was extending over the Lower Mississippi River Valley and into the Carolinas and mid-Atlantic states. Flow around this system continued to draw moisture in from the Gulf of Mexico, producing strong thunderstorms capable of some intense rainfall around the region.

There is a slight chance that storms will turn severe across the Carolinas, southern Georgia and northern Florida. Expect strong and damaging winds, large hail, and 2 to 3 inches of rain to develop in areas of severe thunderstorms. The northern side of this system will reach into the southern and central Appalachians, where snow showers are likely, due to cooler temperatures. Higher elevations may see 4 to 7 inches of new snow early Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Western half of the nation will remain wet and snowy. A low pressure system continues moving eastward, making its way into the central Rockies. Expect 4 to 8 inches of snow across parts of Utah and western Colorado, while light snow showers will persist in the northern Rockies and intermountain West.

Temperatures in the lower 48 states ranged Saturday from a morning low of -7 degrees at Crane Lake, Minn., to a high of 82 degrees at Marathon, Fla.



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