Hemingway Boyhood Home For Sale In Chicago Suburb

By Salon Staff
February 26, 2012 5:18AM (UTC)
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OAK PARK, Ill. (AP) — Ernest Hemingway's boyhood home in a Chicago suburb is for sale.

Its current owner, the Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park, put the home on the market for $525,000 this week. That's after a plan to turn the building into a cultural center fell through because of financial challenges.


The slate-blue, three-story stucco home in Oak Park, Ill., was designed in part by Hemingway's mother, Grace. She was the last Hemingway to live in the house, leaving in 1936.

Some of the writing Hemingway composed in the house likely was done in an area on the third-floor that faces south. That was Hemingway's room until he graduated from high school.

The Hemingway Foundation bought the home in 2001 but couldn't raise the money for the cultural center.

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