Charges Filed Against Captured Shining Path Chief

By Salon Staff
February 28, 2012 4:18AM (UTC)
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LIMA, Peru (AP) — Peruvian prosecutors have filed terrorism, drug trafficking and other charges against a Shining Path commander captured this month that could yield him a life sentence.

The rebel known as Comrade Artemio was transferred Monday to the same maximum security prison where Shining Path founder Abimael Guzman has been held since his 1992 capture.


Prosecutor Marco Guzman says Artemio will go on trial in about three months.

The fanatical Shining Path waged a brutal war against the state but collapsed after Guzman's capture.

The 50-year-old Artemio led the weaker of two small Shining Path remnants that persist in coca-growing areas, living off the protection of drug traffickers. Police say his Feb. 12 capture came after he was shot by an infiltrator.

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