UK's Cameron Says He Did Ride Gift Horse

Published March 2, 2012 12:27PM (EST)

BRUSSELS (AP) — Prime Minister David Cameron says he did ride the horse — answering the question of the moment for the British media.

The police horse named Raisa had been entrusted into the care of ex-News International chief Rebekah Brooks and her husband Charlie, a horse trainer. The former tabloid editor has been arrested but not charged in Britain's inquiry into phone hacking. Questions have been raised about her close ties to both police officers and to Cameron.

At an EU summit Friday, Cameron said he had previously gone riding with the trainer, his neighbor in the southern England town of Chipping Norton and did ride Raisa.

Cameron was already embroiled in the phone hacking scandal through former media aide Andy Coulson, who has also been arrested.

By Salon Staff

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