Tornado Leaves Mark On Hard-to-find Ind. Enclave

By Salon Staff

Published March 3, 2012 11:36PM (EST)

DAISY HILL, Ind. (AP) — The tiny southern Indiana enclave of Daisy Hill is hard to find. But a massive tornado left its mark, nearly sweeping its homes away.

Many of the small towns dotting the southern Indiana landscape felt the brunt of Friday's violent storms that barreled across the Midwest and South, killing more than 35 people.

No one died in Daisy Hill, and many are thanking their basements for their survival. Residents say they hunkered down in their cellars and held on as the storm passed.

On Saturday, they picked through the rubble of their homes, looking for valuables and memories.

Resident Rick Stansberry cleared away a once-towering pine tree on Saturday that had toppled onto headstones in the community's cemetery. He says there's nothing left of Daisy Hill.

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