Romania: 2 Dead, 6 Wounded In Hair Salon Shooting

By Salon Staff
Published March 5, 2012 11:36PM (UTC)
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BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — A gunman opened fire Monday in a hair salon in the Romanian capital, killing two people and wounding six, officials said. The suspected shooter was identified as an ambulance driver who was married to a woman killed in the attack.

The shooting occurred in the late afternoon in downtown Bucharest at a state-owned hair salon located on one of the capital's busiest streets.

Witnesses interviewed by television stations said that after the shots were fired the gunman left the salon and took refuge in a nearby building owned by an electricity company. He was later detained by police.

Senior prosecutor Marius Iacob identified the suspect as Gheorghe Vladan and said he had a "tense relationship" with his wife, an employee at the Igiena salon. He said the second victim also worked there. Iacob said Vladan had a firearms permit.

Three of the wounded were taken to Floreasca Emergency Hospital and were expected to undergo surgery to remove the bullets, according to emergency official Bogdan Oprita.

Interior Minister Gabriel Berca said the suspect drove an ambulance for his ministry.

Mediafax news agency reported that Vladan was said to be angry with his wife because she had filed for divorce.

Riot police cordoned off the area following the shooting and police vehicles took forensic scientists dressed in white coats to the scene of the shooting.


Alison Mutler in Bucharest also contributed to this report.

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