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A U.N. report backs Glenn Greenwald's reporting on Bradley Manning -- a typical week in our one-man truth squad

Published March 16, 2012 9:04PM (EDT)

I’m interrupting Salon’s regular programming to point out the shockingly important impact produced by our one-man truth patrol, Glenn Greenwald, in just this past week. There was the United Nations report that confirmed Glenn’s reports of more than a year ago that the United States’ treatment of Bradley Manning was “cruel, inhumane and degrading.” There was the necessary corrective to all those liberals dancing on Dennis Kucinich’s congressional grave. There was his takedown of the Washington insider-lobbyists who get away with representing terrorist groups for high fees while others are imprisoned for seemingly far less. There was the urgent case on behalf of the Yemeni journalist the U.S. all but imprisoned for his critical reporting. And then today, an exposing of an insidious spin around the latest atrocity in Afghanistan, by two of what are supposedly our most fair and impartial news sites.

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By Kerry Lauerman

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