Romney advisor stands by Trump

Kevin Madden says the GOP candidate will still appear with the birther mogul, even though they disagree

Published May 25, 2012 6:16PM (EDT)

Donald Trump            (Reuters/David Moir)
Donald Trump (Reuters/David Moir)

Despite the fact that Donald Trump reaffirmed today that he’s pretty sure President Obama “was born in Kenya,” Mitt Romney advisor Kevin Madden defended an upcoming joint fundraiser in Las Vegas today, arguing that Romney shouldn’t be held responsible for Trump’s birtherism.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Madden noted that Romney has publicly repudiated the birther myth in the past, and would do it again, but stopped short of saying that the candidate will do it in Trump’s presence.

When Mitchell asked if Romney will “stand up next to Donald Trump and disavow that [myth],” Madden replied, “He’ll stand up next to Donald Trump and he’ll talk about why he wants to be president.” “Any time the subject goes off of that, or if something where ... Governor Romney would disagree, he’s going to make that very clear,” Madden added, without saying whether that clarification would be to Trump’s face or after the event.

The twice-bankrupt casino mogul has managed to insinuate himself into the Romney campaign, even as he continues to push the entirely false and racially tinged birther myth. If Trump has his way, he’ll play an even bigger role in the Romney campaign going forward, potentially speaking at the GOP convention or even snagging the vice-presidential nod, for which he nominated himself this week.

The standard the Romney campaign seems to be advancing here is that it’s OK for the candidate to appear on the same stage as a loon, as long as that loon doesn’t say the thing that makes him loony in the candidate’s presence. And if he does, the candidate can merely disavow it later. But it’s hard to imagine that the right would be comfortable with Obama appearing on the same stage as, say, Bill Ayers or Jeremiah Wright, even if neither said anything controversial in that moment.

By Alex Seitz-Wald

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