How's Obama spending the Fourth?

With foreigners! At least according to (incorrect) conservative blogs

Published July 3, 2012 8:57PM (EDT)

Does the National Review have a corrections policy, or anything? Just asking, because this Corner post by Andrew C. McCarthy still claims that President Obama will be spending the Fourth of July in Paris, french-kissing socialists, when in fact that is not true.

Mr. McCarthy eventually conceded, on Twitter, that he got the story wrong, but the post itself has not been corrected. Then McCarthy added that it was "Not clear" whether "The One" will be in Paris on Independence Day, though of course it is very clear to anyone who can Google and read that Obama will be spending the Fourth in Washington, as hundreds of news articles over the last few days have detailed. Then he refused to correct the post until some silly liberal got a "sense of humor." Haha, it's very funny to just get things wrong because you can't read, and then to pretend it was a joke, because you think everyone else is as dumb as you. Very funny joke, Andrew C. McCarthy. (Here's my joke: Andrew McCarthy is going to spend the Fourth of July doing bath salts with Greek neo-Nazis, according to this news report that I am linking to.)

Thank god, then, for the Weekly Standard, the thinking (-about-bombing-Iran) man's political magazine, which today reported the truth: Obama will not be in Paris on America's birthday. He will be in the White House -- and he will be granting amnesty. Or naturalizing new citizens. New citizens who are active-duty service members. (This story is now on the front page of Drudge and lots of people on the Twitter and at Free Republic have made very good jokes about Obama naturalizing himself, because lol he was born in Kenya.) Why is Obama obsessed with celebrating America with a bunch of foreigners?

By Alex Pareene

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