Olympics: Thousands stream into London

Traffic chokes London's official Games Lane as the city braces for Olympic arrivals

Published July 16, 2012 1:51PM (EDT)

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With the opening of the Olympic Games just 11 days away, thousands of people are arriving in London, where the first official "Games Lane" connecting Heathrow Airport and the Olympic drug-testing lab opened today, reported BBC News.

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An accident, however, quickly marred its debut, making good on expert warnings that the new M4 lane would make for "the perfect storm" of traffic in the event of any obstruction, reported the Telegraph.

The so-called Olympic Family arriving for the games sat in traffic some 32 miles long this morning, said the Telegraph. Ordinary drivers and bicylists will be fined 130 pounds if they are caught using the special Olympic ring-emblazoned roadway.

Airport officials said Heathrow expects to see as many as 236,955 passengers pass through today, breaking all previous records, according to the BBC.

Games officials told the BBC that more than 1,000 members of the "Games Family," an umbrella term used for the athletes, coaches and their entourages, are set to arrive in London today from more than 50 countries.

Most will head straight to Olympic Village in Stratford, east London, a special town that will house some 16,000 athletes and officials at the high point of the games, according to the BBC.

The Olympic games begin on July 27.

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