What is ethical porn?

A new X-rated gay website aims to do good. Can socially conscious smut survive in the era of piracy and tube sites?

Published August 8, 2012 12:00AM (EDT)

Performer Devon Hunter had “very unpleasant” experiences in the world of gay porn -- from having to feign attraction to virtual strangers to encountering homophobia on set. That was just the start of it, though: He saw broader industry problems, like exploitation of workers, the unreliable use of condoms and a lack of diversity. He didn’t leave the business, though: Hunter decided to change it by starting his own ethical, socially conscious gay porn company, Anteros Media.

The aim isn’t just to adopt more ethical business practices -- like giving co-stars a chance to get to know each other before a scene and requiring condoms in the interest of positive example-setting for viewers -- but to change the representation of gay men in porn. Hunter was troubled by the explosion of straight -- or “gay-for-pay” performers -- in the industry and the message it delivered about homosexuality. As the site’s intro video explains, “We think gay men are attractive, valuable and complete.” The company has also pledged to donate a percentage of profits to LGBT charities. The idea is for viewers to “enjoy sexual pleasure and psychological peace.”

I talked to Hunter by phone about porn's social responsibility, fetishized homophobia and why he’s trying to cou...

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By Tracy Clark-Flory

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