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A Syrian rebel describes their desperate situation

By Salon Staff
Published August 9, 2012 10:13PM (EDT)

On Thursday, the second day of a ground offensive by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Syrian rebels retreated from most of their positions in the key Salahedin area of Aleppo, following heavy shelling from jets, helicopters and tanks, the New York Times reported.

The rebels' have mainly suffered from airstrikes, for which they have no response. "Even the bravest among us had to acknowledge that these jets are something that we cannot fight," a rebel who left Salahedin told the Guardian. "It is one thing being outgunned by tanks, but planes are creating a very, very difficult situation."

Accordingly, the FSA leadership in Aleppo have pleaded with the international community for a no-fly zone.

"That's all we need," said Abu Hanefa, a rebel leader. "No guns, no armies, just the ability to get these things out of the sky. They are killing us."

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