2012 Summer Olympics: London's biggest embarrassments

There was plenty of poor sportsmanship, rule bending and bad behavior in London. Here's some of the worst

By Ted McClelland
Published August 11, 2012 7:30PM (EDT)

Before the Olympics started, we shared our list of the athletes we'd be cheering against.

But now that the games are nearing their end, there are even more examples of bad sportsmanship, rule fudging or just obnoxious behavior.

Of course, not every competitor who wins a medal does so honestly, and not every athlete who loses is gracious in defeat, or even tried their hardest. Some Olympians took advantage of the rules and were rewarded with gold, while others were sent home in disgrace. Here are eight athletes who either broke or bent the rules at the 2012 games.

Ted McClelland

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