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Apple vs. Samsung and the tech world in the balance

By Alex Halperin
Published August 21, 2012 10:01PM (EDT)

The courtroom battle between tech titans Apple and Samsung could go to the jury as soon as tomorrow. The patent dispute case revolves around which company developed technologies used in wildly popular smartphones and tablet computers. The combined companies own more than half the global smartphone market.Earlier this week Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly spoke to former Samsung chief Choi Gee Sung without reaching an acceptable settlement.

The AP reported on the distance between the companies:

Apple argues that Samsung Electronics Co. should pay the Cupertino-based company $2.5 billion for ripping off its iPhone and iPad technology.

Apple's lead attorney, Harold McElhinny, told jurors Tuesday that Apple confronted Samsung about the alleged copying before filing its lawsuit last year.

"Instead of doing the right thing, Samsung decided to gin up claims of its own," McElhinny said of Samsung's counter claim seeking $399 million from Apple for allegedly using Samsung technology in making the iconic iPhone and iPad.

Apple's claim would represent the largest award in a U.S. patent case.

Alex Halperin

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