Extra NYPD reportedly protect anti-Islam ads

The New York Post reports increased security in subway stations with posters, many already defaced

Published September 25, 2012 5:44PM (EDT)

A defaced poster (#MySubwayAd Twitter)
A defaced poster (#MySubwayAd Twitter)

The New York Post reported Tuesday that the NYPD has increased its presence in ten subway stations, where controversial anti-Islam ads were posted Monday.

The ads, funded by professional Islamophobe Pam Gellar and her group The American Defense Freedom Initiative, were permitted to go up by a federal judge despite opposition from the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).

The Post reports that "the NYPD quietly increased its presence at the stations with the ads," although NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne denied the claims. He told the Post that there had been no changes in security or staffing because of the posters.

Increased security or no, a number of the ads have already been defaced by anonymous New Yorkers. Metro New York reports that large stickers bearing the work "Racist" have been pasted over the posters, which suggest that Israel's opposition in the Middle East are "savages."

By Natasha Lennard

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