Rick Scott's phone sex mishap

The Florida Governor thought he gave out the number for a meningitis hotline. He was sorely mistaken

By Jillian Rayfield

Published October 10, 2012 4:05PM (EDT)

During a meeting of Florida's cabinet, Rick Scott thought he was giving out the number for a meningitis hotline, meant to be a response to a recent outbreak in the state, but he was actually giving out the number for an "adult" hotline.

The incorrect number was also posted on the Florida Department of Health website.

From the Broward Palm Beach New-Times:

"The screw-up was first noticed by an alert reader who notified public radio WUSF, who then called the governor's office. The Florida Department of Health quickly corrected the mistake and posted the right number.

But for a while there, anyone who wanted to get pertinent information about the meningitis outbreak got an automated message that said 'Hello, boys; thank you for calling me on my anniversary' and then directed them to a menu of naughty options."

Scott is in good company: During his own term as governor, Charlie Crist's office accidentally posted a number that directed parents to "hot, horny girls" instead of the Florida KidCare hotline. Tim Pawlenty has also made the same mistake.


Jillian Rayfield

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