Herman Cain's former lover to write a tell-all book about their 13-year affair

Ginger White continues to campaign against the eccentric politician

By Prachi Gupta

Published October 24, 2012 3:29PM (EDT)

       (Ginger White- screengrab from "Daily Download" interview)
(Ginger White- screengrab from "Daily Download" interview)

Ginger White, one of political lightning rod Herman Cain's former mistresses, has announced that she is writing a revealing book about her affair with the former GOP presidential hopeful. In an interview with the Daily Download, White said that she hopes the book will compel Cain "to be a little more honest with his wife, because the details that I share, only she would know." Although White says "I'm not trying to hurt [Cain]," she admits that he "put her through hell" and that she is angry that women "are never believed" when they tell their side of the story about extramarital affairs. Ultimately, though, the book's focus is "Who Ginger White really is about," she said.

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