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The last batch of silly verse before election day

By Alex Halperin
November 2, 2012 9:08PM (UTC)
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Salon's reader-poets take on drones, Hurricane Sandy and the absurdity of the election process.


"Why is the East Coast under the brine?"

Says a preacher: The reason’s divine.

"They'd avoid the malaise,

If they'd persecute gays,

And teach children intelligent design."


Michael Moulton

Gainesville, Fla.


Lesser evil, it now has been shown,

Deals death from the sky by the drone.

With this for a lesser,

Mitt's greater transgressor,

Must be evil beyond that ever known.

Daniel Fleisher



Ho Donald, once more you've weighed in;


Raised your whine in the midst of the din; 


Twenty-four-carat sleaze . . .

And a brain to embellish a pin.

JF Stover

Hill City, Kan.


As a middle-class gal from the South,

Of course I have a big mouth.

I don't have a filter,

Or shame for my pilfer.


My politics take over the house.

Mary McChesney

Norfolk, Va.


Ohio and Iowa, too,

Are red, no wait, maybe they're blue.

If your state doesn't swing,

Voting isn't your thing.

You're free to ignore this whole zoo.

Michael Berman

Edmonds, Wash


The deadline for election limericks is 5 p.m. on Wednesday November 7. Send your entries to Good luck!



Alex Halperin

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