NBC, ABC raised nearly $40 million for Hurricane Sandy relief

Disney has also contributed $1 million to local charities

By Associated Press
November 6, 2012 11:56PM (UTC)
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NEW YORK (AP) -- ABC says its national "Day of Giving" raised nearly $17 million for superstorm Sandy relief.

Throughout its programming Monday, the network urged viewers to contribute to the American Red Cross to help victims of the storm, which affected several Northeastern states, but hit New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area particularly hard.


Appeals were aired all day on ABC programming, on Disney's syndicated shows and across other Disney-owned networks.

Major contributors include ABC personalities Barbara Walters, George Stephanopoulos and Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner and star of ABC's "Shark Tank." The Samsung Corp. also made a major gift.

In addition, the Walt Disney Co. made a $1 million contribution to local charities.


NBC held a telethon Friday for storm victims that raised nearly $23 million.


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