Cain: Panther pressured whites

The presence of a Black Panther, Cain says, "caused white voters to think twice about going to vote"

By Jillian Rayfield
November 8, 2012 7:36PM (UTC)
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On election day, Fox News and Drudge Report were up in arms over the presence of one member of the New Black Panther Party outside of a Philadelphia polling place. Herman Cain was equally outraged, saying on Fox News last night that it was part of the bigger picture of Democrats who "push race warfare to the limit."

“My thoughts are, this whole thing about civility, the Democrats have demonstrated they can find new lows to be incivil [sic] about the language,” Cain told Sean Hannity.


"This is nothing more than another way to get around the voter intimidation charge and to basically cause white voters to think twice about going to vote,” he said. “That’s what that was all about.”





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