NRA also lost big on Election Day

Add the National Rifle Association to the list of conservatives who bet big and lost in 2012

Published November 8, 2012 10:14PM (EST)

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The Sunlight Foundation analyzed election spending by the National Rifle Association, and determined that the group had a less than 1 percent return on its more than $11 million investment.

The study, based on FEC reporting, found that the NRA backed 27 winning candidates, but only 0.42 percent of the $11,787,523 it spent on the election went to those candidates. Instead, 78 percent of the money went to opposing Democrats. From the report:

- 0.81% of $10,955,688 spent in the general election and ending in the desired result.
- Supported 27 winning candidates ; 0.42% of money went to supporting winning candidates.
- Opposed 5 losing candidates; 0.39% of money went to opposing losing candidates.

Sunlight also highlights that the Karl Rove-tied American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS poured over $200 million into the elections, but supported no winning candidates.

By Jillian Rayfield

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