International Atomic Energy Agency reports being hacked

A group critical of Israel's undeclared nuclear weapons posted information about experts at the UN nuclear watchdog

By Associated Press
November 28, 2012 2:20AM (UTC)
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VIENNA (AP) — The International Atomic Energy Agency has acknowledged that one of its servers has been hacked.

The U.N. nuclear watchdog commented Tuesday after a previously unknown group critical of Israel's undeclared nuclear weapons program posted contact information for more than 100 experts working for the IAEA.


A group called "Parastoo" — Farsi for a swallow bird and a common Iranian girl's name — claimed responsibility for posting the names on its website two days ago.

Israel is commonly acknowledged to possess nuclear weapons — something it neither confirms nor denies. It says Iran is secretly working on nuclear arms — something Tehran denies — and describes the Islamic republic as the greatest threat to the Mideast.

Iran and Arab countries, however, say the Jewish state's nuclear capacities pose the greatest menace.

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