HBO's "Girls" gets official soundtrack

With indie and pop music by acts like Santigold, fun. and Sleigh Bells

By Prachi Gupta
December 10, 2012 10:43PM (UTC)
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Unless you are "Family Guy's" Peter Griffin, you probably don't have your own theme music. But thanks to HBO's "Girls," if you are a 20-something female fresh out of college, you can at least have an official soundtrack: "Girls – Volume 1." The album will feature indie and pop bands like fun., Fleet Foxes and Sleigh Bells. Appropriately, a track called "Girls" by Santigold (you can listen to it below) leads the album.

In a press release, show creator and only-for-glory writer Lena Dunham stated, "Music is such a huge part of my creative process." "I make playlists to write by and listen to as I head to set in the morning, and I experiment in editing with songs that the characters would love and that accurately reflect their struggles," she added.  (Indeed, the New York Times notes that a Robyn track "helped fuel a plot point in an early episode.")


Listen to Santigold's "Girls":

The album will be released on Jan. 8, five days before the show's Season 2 premiere.

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