Don Imus: "There's no 'war on Christmas' ... It's absurd"

"I don't care. I think it's fine. It just doesn't mean anything," Imus said

Published December 11, 2012 6:54PM (EST)

      (Fox Business)
(Fox Business)

Conservative radio host Don Imus dismissed the War on Christmas to Stuart Varney on "Imus in the Morning" on Fox Business, saying that "it's absurd." He added: "I don't care. I think it's fine. It just doesn't mean anything."

Imus was railing against trumped-up outrages, particularly the War on Christmas, and told Varney: "The uproar, this War on Christmas. There's no War on Christmas, I mean it's absurd."

Varney objected, saying that twice when he gave money to Salvation Army bell ringers, they told him "Happy Holidays." Imus shot back: "Can't we as Christians, though, be all-inclusive, and wish happy holidays to our Jewish brethren."


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By Jillian Rayfield

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