Alex Jones

Alex Jones: Salon is government-funded

The 9/11 truther accuses the media of waging war against the Second Amendment -- and uncorks a wild new theory

Jacob Sugarman
December 15, 2012 5:44AM (UTC)

Radio host and full-time conspiracist Alex Jones has a theory about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings -- and Obama, and the Second Amendment and the mainstream media -- which he has not-so-neatly distilled into a seven-minute rant on his "news site" There, he runs through a familiar litany of libertarian talking points: Liberals are idiots who don't realize they're authoritarians; the left is trying to abolish our right to bear arms; Adolf Hitler was in favor of gun control; the president's tears are fake.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


But roughly a minute into this fever-pitched harangue, he turns the crazy up to 11 with a brand-new conspiracy: Salon (along with CNN and MSNBC) is a state-run media company. All this time, and I never even got a lousy Obama phone!

Watch Jones' full frothing bulldog routine below:

Jacob Sugarman

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