Judd Apatow fights with MSNBC host on Twitter

The film director does not take criticism of "This Is 40" lightly

By Prachi Gupta
December 27, 2012 10:30PM (UTC)
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Last night, MSNBC host Touré slammed Judd Apatow's new comedy, "This Is 40," with a short tweet, saying "Warning: 'This Is 40' is a horrible mess with a meandering plot and few laughs and characters who are hard to like. What happened?" Apatow noticed it immediately, however, and fired back an insult, prompting Touré to back down:

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A guy named Bruce then butted in, and Apatow unleashed his sardonic wit on him, too:

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For the next several hours, Apatow tweeted and retweeted reviews of "This Is 40," throwing in wisecracks at those who dared to insult him:


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So, what is the main takeaway from all of this?:

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