Jeff Bridges making "The Giver" movie

Author Lois Lowry confirms that the YA modern classic will hit the big screen

Published December 28, 2012 7:40PM (EST)

 Jeff Bridges (Wikimedia)
Jeff Bridges (Wikimedia)

Jeff Bridges will be bringing Lois Lowry's young adult fiction, "The Giver," to the big screen, the author confirmed this week. According to Studio 360, Lowry told Kurt Anderson:

I’ve just heard within the past couple of days that The Giver, which they’ve been trying to make into a movie for 15 years, is finally on the road... Things have ratcheted up, and they have producers and money and a director and a star. They hope to start shooting it in the spring.

Jeff Bridges will play the Giver, the powerful elder who holds all of his community’s memories in a dystopian society in which emotional depth has been replaced with a regime of "Sameness."According to the book's author, the other protagonist, Jonas -- a young boy who gradually learns the disturbing truths about his placid, controlled environment -- has yet to be cast.

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