Delhi gang rapists tried to run over victim

The gang who beat an Indian student to death reportedly tried to run her over with the bus

By Kaitlin Funaro
Published January 2, 2013 10:17PM (UTC)
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Protesters shield themselves as Indian police beat them with sticks during a violent demonstration near the India Gate against a gang rape and brutal beating of a 23-year-old student on a bus last week, in New Delhi, India. (AP/Kevin Frayer)

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New details are emerging in the horrific gang rape that caused the death of a female student in Delhi, India.

The gang of assailants who allegedly brutally assaulted and raped the 23-year-old aboard a private bus would have run her over if her boyfriend had not pulled her out of the way just in time, reported Agence France-Presse.


The severely injured medical student, who has not been named, was airlifted after initial surgery in Delhi to a hospital in Singapore, where she died Saturday after extensive organ failure. Her boyfriend, whom friends say she was planning to marry, was also was beaten and thrown off the bus on which the two were traveling.

The new information Wednesday came from a police account of the incident that is being used to compile a charge list against the six accused attackers.

Police records show that the student tried desperately to protect herself during the attack, biting the men as they held her down and raped her.


Bite marks on the suspects, forensic evidence including blood and semen, and testimony from the woman's boyfriend will all be used as evidence against the men.

The Times of India reports that authorities with Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, where the student was treated and later died, will send a postmortem report to police in Delhi.

"Since Safdarjung Hospital was where the treatment began, their doctors will go over the postmortem details, compare it with the treatment she received here and finally give the exact cause of her death," one officials told the Times.


The postmortem report will be a key piece of evidence in the case against the six men.

Sources told the newspaper that the charge sheet would detail how three of the six accused posed as passengers on the bus to lure the couple on board. They said it was the primary reason why the woman and her boyfriend decided to accept a ride on the bus.


Dinesh Yadav, the owner of the chartered bus where the attack took place, has gone missing from his Noida residence, reports the Times.

The Dec. 16 attacks have attracted international attention and sparked a wave of protests across the country.

On Monday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, called for “urgent and rational debate” to end violence against women in India.


“What is needed is a new public consciousness and more effective and sensitive enforcement of the law in the interests of women,” said Pillay. “The public is demanding a transformation in systems that discriminate against women to a culture that respects the dignity of women in law and practice."

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