Wes Anderson releases "Moonrise Kingdom" illustrated screenplay

Surprise: It's meticulously designed and very, very Wes Anderson-y

By Katie McDonough
January 17, 2013 9:50PM (UTC)
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(Focus Features)

Moonrise Kingdom snagged a best original screenplay nomination for this year’s Academy Awards, and Focus Features -- the studio behind Wes Anderson's misanthropic tween love story -- is in serious campaign mode.

Which is why Focus released an illustrated screenplay packed with other fun Andersonisms. Featuring stills of the finished film and illustrations from preproduction, the screenplay is everything you would expect: Colorful. Playful. Weird.


You can view the whole thing here.

And: They aren't the only ones courting Oscar love. Earlier today, Disney released a "Lincoln" making-of feature on iTunes.

h/t Fast Company

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