Real Joe Biden upstages "Diamond" Joe Biden on Reddit AMA

The vice president confronts his Onion-inspired alter ego on Reddit, and the Internet promptly explodes

Published January 18, 2013 8:51PM (EST)

   (Office of VP Biden Twitter)
(Office of VP Biden Twitter)

In honor of The Onion's Kindle release of "The President of Vice: Autobiography of Joe Biden," the fake news site hosted a Reddit AMA starring the one and only "Diamond" Joe Biden, the vice president's sleazy, womanizing, Trans Am–loving alter-ego:

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"Diamond" Joe Biden wrote on Reddit:

You are welcome to ask me anything about the book, how to round up tail and make them wail, my Trans Am, things you can make into a pipeBarack, or where we can hook up later if you're a smokin' hot mamacita.

I'm fairly hammered right now so I'll try to answer as many of your questions as I can before I pass out. I don't know what other crap I'm supposed to type here. Please buy this book or some real rough dudes are gonna hurt Joe real bad. Until then, grab a brewski and enjoy the ride.

To verify that I am real person, a tweet from my publisher @TheOnion

And then real magic happened. Moments after The Onion went live with the Q&A session, the real Joe Biden upstaged "Diamond," asking him to check out Biden's corvette, rendering the Internet speechless:

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