Cannibal cop's online contact boasted eating woman and child

Court filings show NYPD officer made plans online with a man who claimed to have roasted a child's pelvis

By Natasha Lennard
January 24, 2013 10:50PM (UTC)
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Just when we thought initial reports about NYPD officer Gilberto Valle's depraved plans to cook and eat women could not get worse, enter  Valle's online interlocutor.

According to court papers, filed in advance of Valle's February trial on charges that he planned to abduct, rape, torture, cook and eat women, one online contact with the screenname "Moody Blues" told Valle that he had previously eaten "a black woman and a white child."


Moodly Blues told Valle, 28, that he looked forward to eating a white woman with him and that he'd love to eat another child. "I also love roasting whole pelvises, mind you only did with the little one so far," Moody Blues wrote to the six-year NYPD veteran, who responded approvingly.

Federal prosecutors argue that the online chats with Moody Blues should be used as evidence at trial, according to the New York Post. Prosecutors wrote that the cyber conversations "are highly probative of Valle's state of mind and of the existence of an actual, and non-fantastical agreement between Valle and the co-conspirator to commit a kidnapping... Indeed , they are no more sensational, depraved and disturbing than the related portions of the conversations (which Valle concedes are admissible) about shoving a specific and identified woman into an oven, with her legs folded under her, or cooking her over an open fire, slowly, to prolong her suffering,"

Valle is charged with plotting to commit torturous acts with at least three co-conspirators. As the Post noted, "one of his three alleged co-conspirators, Michael Van Hise of Hamilton, N.J., was busted earlier this month after initially cooperating with the FBI. Van Hise, 23, is charged with offering to pay Valle $5,000 to kidnap a woman and deliver her to him to be raped and murdered. He was denied bail when online postings emerged of Van Hise stating his desire to rape his young nieces and infant daughter.


Valle claims that his online discussions were merely fantasy role-play and that he had never and never planned to carry out any acts he appeared to plan online. However, the online chats with Moody Blues show Valle scheming with an individual who claimed to have in fact murdered and eaten a woman and child (who described human flesh as not "quite like pork" but "very meaty") seems to undermine Cannibal Cop's defense.



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