Burger King to DNA test burgers for horse meat

The chain will test its beef patties following concerns surrounding a former meat supplier

By Natasha Lennard
February 1, 2013 3:09AM (UTC)
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Although Burger King assures customers that it's beef patties are just that, the fast food giant is taking extra precautions. According to Business Week, the King will begin DNA testing its burger for foreign DNA, particularly horse meat, after it was discovered that a former supplier, Silvercrest, had sold meat containing traces equine DNA to other retailers (but never to Burger King). In a statement, Burger King told customers:

As we confirmed on 23rd of January, we transitioned all of our restaurants in the UK, Ireland and Denmark to other BURGER KING(R) approved suppliers from Germany and Italy as a precaution. These suppliers have provided DNA evidence to confirm their products are free of equine DNA. These are the product being sold in our restaurants today.

“We will dedicate ourselves to determining what lessons can be learned and what additional measures, including DNA testing and enhanced traceability controls, can be taken to ensure that we continue to provide you with the quality products you expect from us," said Diego Beamonte, vice president, Global Quality, Burger King Corporation in a statement.



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