Salon limerick contest

The news in nonsense verse

Published February 3, 2013 3:59PM (EST)

Salon readers dissect Manti Te'O's troubles, the recipes at Burger King and the political scene:

I feel sorry for poor Manti Te’O.

Turns out his sweetie pie wasn’t reo.

It was just his best friend,

Playing those tricks again,

“I’m not gay,” Manti says - oh, pleo.

Mark Childress

Key West, Fla.


Republican Redux

I grew up with William F. Buckley

Well known for his sesquipedality

His rhodomontade

Was oft a charade

But it beat out today’s right-wing sophistry. 

Deborah MacFadden

Ridgefield, Conn.


Barack relies more on Joe,

Whose popularity continues to grow,

He’s doing just fine,

With approval fifty nine,

Joe’s catching up, but does Hillary know?

Kiran Parekh

Wayne, Ill.


There once was a "man" named Rand Paul.

Who thought himself Ruler of All.

His mental artillery,

Was pilloried by Hillary.

His sword was revealed to be small.

Deborah Newell Tornello

St. Petersburg, Fla.


As Burger King searches discreet.

For equine in each patty treat,

Consumers can now,

Cry out, "Holy cow!

Fast food might have actual meat!"

Chad Parenteau

Cambridge, Mass.
Send entries to along with your name and hometown. The deadline is Friday at noon eastern and we’ll publish our favorites on Sunday. Poems may be edited for clarity or scansion. Good luck!






By Alex Halperin

Alex Halperin is news editor at Salon. You can follow him on Twitter @alexhalperin.

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